"I cannot recommend Amy from The Halcyon Agency enough. We hired Amy to come to our hotel suite and do makeup for all of my bridesmaids and myself at our Palm Springs wedding, which was one of the best decisions that we made during wedding planning. Our planners, Beau & Arrow, highly recommended Amy, and her close friend Dianna Bautista for hair, and we are so glad that we hired her. She is one of the most talented makeup artists I’ve ever worked with--her work is truly artistry. 

We were married in June 2014 at the ACE Hotel & Swim Club in Palm Springs, California, but we’re from Connecticut. Lots of people told me that I should be nervous that I wasn’t going to do a wedding trial with Amy in advance, but she was absolutely fantastic! She listened to exactly what I wanted and my makeup was simply stunning. So was everyone else’s. She does the most amazing job, truly, and while other makeup artists get crazy with the eye shadow and fake eyelashes (which often look so obviously fake, or in the case of another recent wedding that I attended, come off after thirty minutes, making you look ridiculous in all of your wedding photos), Amy’s work amplifies natural beauty. I felt like I looked like myself, but a better, prettier version of myself. Exactly what you want for wedding makeup! Her makeup is the best kind—stunning and effortless. 

Lastly, Amy is fun and nice and sweet (not to be undervalued). You spend the entire day of your wedding pre-ceremony hanging out with your bridesmaids and your hair and makeup team, and it was really nice to enjoy their company, vibe, and positivity. I was definitely nervous when I was in Amy’s makeup chair, just filled with anticipation and excitement, and it was great to talk and laugh with Amy (this also helped to calm me down). I felt like I could be myself with Amy that day—excited, nervous, anxious, or joyful—and for this, I am tremendously grateful. Not only is she remarkably talent, but she has a really wonderful spirit."

Amy, Married June 6th 2014



"Honestly, how in the world did I get so lucky to have THE Amy Clarke and her team come do make up for my bridesmaids, moms, sister and aunt. They did a phenomenal job and I couldn't have asked for a better artist. All of our make- up and hair came out so STUNNING. 

The team was EXTREMELY punctual and I judge a business byvtheir punctuality, service, and honesty. I also want to have a connection with my artist as well and Amy gave me that and more. 

I recommend Amy Clarke to every single bride that plans on getting married... WHY? Because my Husband said "Amy, is truly a god given gift to us on our wedding day. She made you look exactly as you are, she was flexible, down to earth, funny, and an amazing person overall". If my cute sexy husband says that, I think I can say more than that. 

Amy, you were SO AMAZING. I am so grateful that you were able to do my make up throughout the entire day, including the different make up changes and hair change for the night. One day, you'll be my personal make up artist for life. =] 

If you are contemplating and looking for an artist, don't hesistate and just book her! I booked her for the entire day and she literally did cartwheels for me. THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!"

Crystal, Married June 28th, 2014


"What is there to say about Amy that her work doesn't say for itself!? To this day, I am still receiving compliments on not only my makeup, but the makeup of my entire wedding party and all the mothers. Amy makes women feel BEAUTIFUL, which is priceless, especially on such a big occasion. A lot of women have their makeup done..but we had the distinct honor of having our spirits made over! My maid of honor, who is always her own biggest critic, was almost in tears at the sight of how beautiful she looked. I am so happy to have been able to provide such a service for my special ladies via Amy. She was a pleasure to work with, and I am still such a huge fan of her and her work. I am looking for any excuse to get all dolled up just to have my makeup done by her again!"

Summer, Married October 10th, 2013


"Amy is an extremely talented makeup artist and she is a joy to be around. She answered my many detailed questions early on in the process and was flexible, even when the engagement photoshoot date was changed. I hired her for both my engagement shoot and for my wedding; since I was so pleased with the work she did for the e-shoot I didn't even need a trial pre-ceremony. 

I had Amy & her assistant on our wedding day for my wedding party, as well as the mothers and grandmothers. They did a beautiful job! Even when one of the girls who doesn't wear too much makeup on a regular basis wanted to lessen the amount of makeup on her eyes - they handled it like pro's and worked with her until she was happy. 

I only needed to tell Amy that I wanted to play up my blue eyes and look glowy and with those 2 pieces of direction she nailed it - my eyes were a piercing blue and my skin was perfectly dewy; I have never felt so beautiful! 

It was one of the hottest days we had seen in September (100+) and I never once felt like I was covered in makeup or sweating it off. It was 110% worth having them stay up until ceremony time. They even helped me adjust my hair and added some curls with the curling iron - so I could have it down for the ceremony - too hot to have down for the whole event. Such sweethearts! 

I would recommend Amy to any bride looking to feel her best on her big day & get papmered a little at the same time - or really for any woman with a big event / occassion that she wants to shine for.

Completely worth every penny!"

Erin, Married, September 15th 2013


"Amy is awesome! 

I never knew how pretty I could look until I had my make up professionally done by Amy Clarke. She is a genious. She was so quick too! I couldn't believe how much she accomplished in such a short period of time. She achieved the look I was going for with just a tad of information. I was worried I wasn't explaining it correctly but she understood exactly what I wanted. 

She did my make-up for my engagement pictures and my wedding day... my pictures came out beautiful thanks to the flawless make-up. My (now) mother in law, and mother had their make-up done by Amy too and they looked absolutely radiant. Amy made them look so youthful and beautiful. I received compliments all day about how young out parents looked and how they looked like celebrities because they looked gorgeous. I can honestly say that my mother in law looked like a starlet. 

My bridesmaids looked beautiful too! The look Amy gave each one of them was absolutely AMAZING! 

You will love her work. Check out her page and see the transformations she does. You will still look like you... but 100 times better! Book her, book her, book her!!! 

I'm going to be a bridesmaid in another state and wish I could take her with me!"

Bella, Married July 1st, 2012